LB4: Li2B4O7

LB4(Li2B4O7) Single Crystals (Lithium Tetraborate)

Single crystals of Lithium tetraborate(Li2B4O7:LB4) by vertical Bridgman method.

Size of  the crystals is φ100mm×200mmL.

Applications are surface acoustic wave devices,non-linear optics and neutron detection.

Material Parameters Li2B4O7
 Structure Tetragonal
 Lattice parameters    a=9.475Å
 Density  2.45g/cm3
 Specific heat  0.68Cal/K・cm3
 Heat conductivity  0.015W/cm・K
 Pyro.Const  3.0×10-5C/m2・K
 Melting point(congruent)  917℃
 Hardness  6
Optical properties 
Transmission range 170nm~3400nm
Refractive indices  n0=1.774, ne=1.699 @ 189 nm
n0=1.612, ne=1.555 @ 546 nm
Optical properties 
DUV Glan-Thompson Polarizer
Electro-optic modulator
NLO device


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