Commemorative Symposium “What to expect from a technology venture now?”



To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its establishment, Oxide has held a commemorative symposium entitled
“What to expect from a technology venture now?”
The event was attended by more than 150 guests from Japanese leading manufacturers, universities, research institutes and government agencies.

Date & Time:   November 26, 2010
Venue:   Hotel Danrokan, Kofu City, Yamanashi, Japan


Oxide acquires DUV laser business, 266nm Laser



Oxide Corporation (“Oxide”) has recently acquired from Magnescale Co.,Ltd.(Kanagawa, Japan) their DUV (deep ultraviolet) laser business and started the manufacture and marketing of DUV lasers as well as the maintenance services for the Japanese and overseas customers.
Oxide is an optical crystal specialist company started in year 2000 as a spin-off venture of Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS). In recent years, Oxide has diversified its business line to include optical-crystal-based devices and modules.
The acquired DUV lasers have already earned high reputation and enjoy a handsome market share in the world thanks to their high-quality β-BBO (β-BaB2O4) wavelength conversion device and high-performance VCM (Voice Coil Motor).
Oxide plans to further enhance its position in the global DUV laser industry by integrating its unique CLBO(CsLiB6O10) crystal as well as its sophisticated QPM (Quasi Phase Matching) device technology into the acquired DUV laser business.

Technical seminar information (29th Sep.)


Subject:  Noble wavelength conversion device for UV

Place: Pacifico Yokohama Exihibition Hall B

Time & Date:  11:10-11:50, 29th Sep.

Presented at CLEO2010 (PPMgSLT for 355nm)


In addition to the booth exhibition, our engineer made a technical presentation and attracted great attention from the audience.

“Sub-Watts 355 nm Generation with 2nd- and 3rd-Order-QPM PPMgSLT”

0.7 watts 355nm laser is achieved from 3rd-order-QPM PPMgSLT by sum-frequency generation of fundamental and second-harmonic of pulsed Nd: YVO4 laser. 2nd-order-QPM PPMgSLT is successfully fabricated, which promises 355 nm generation of sub-watts order.

Oxide Homepage totally renewed !


Oxide Homepage totally renewed !

Jointly Developed TSAG Single Crystal For Faraday Rotator, a key component of optical isolator


Oxide’s Joint R&D with Seiko Giken resulted in a successful development of TSAG single crystal designed for Faraday rotator, which is a key component of optical isolator.
Its Verde constant, key performance indicator, is 1.4 times larger than that of TGG crystal which is widely used in the market today. As a result, with this new TSAG crystal, the Faraday rotator can be made more compact and the isolator itself will become more energy-efficient.

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