Yasunori Furukawa


1994 Ph.D. Tsukuba University
1992 Applied Physics Research Institute, Univ. of Stanford
1983 M.S. Tsukuba University
1981 B.S. Tsukuba University


2003-present MINS retired for 100percent devotion the management of OXIDE Corporation.
2000 OXIDE was founded by Yasunori Furukawa as the nation’s first application of Business Start-up leave for National Civil Servants.
1998 Assistant Professor, Kyusyu University
1996 Transferred to the Institute of Inorganic Materials Research Science and Technology (Now: National Institute for Materials Science), as research engineer.
The Institute licensed the novel crystal growth technology developed by Furukawa and his colleagues to several major Japanese manufacturers, as a feedback of the research results to the society.
Those companies, however, failed to commercialize the technology and this motivated Furukawa to start up a company by himself in later years.
1983 HITACHI Metals
Devoted to the basic research of single crystal materials for 12 years.