President & CEO

Yasunori Furukawa

Ph.D. The Laser Society of Japan Japan Society of Applied Physics Japanese Association for Crystal Growth Optical Society of America Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ACCG


1994 Ph.D. Tsukuba University
1992 Applied Physics Research Institute, Univ. of Stanford
1983 M.S. Tsukuba University
1981 B.S. Tsukuba University


2003-present MINS retired for 100percent devotion the management of OXIDE Corporation.
2000 OXIDE was founded by Yasunori Furukawa as the nation’s first application of Business Start-up leave for National Civil Servants.
1998 Assistant Professor, Kyusyu University
1996 Transferred to the Institute of Inorganic Materials Research Science and Technology (Now: National Institute for Materials Science), as research engineer.
The Institute licensed the novel crystal growth technology developed by Furukawa and his colleagues to several major Japanese manufacturers, as a feedback of the research results to the society.
Those companies, however, failed to commercialize the technology and this motivated Furukawa to start up a company by himself in later years.
1983 HITACHI Metals
Devoted to the basic research of single crystal materials for 12 years.