JSAP EXPO Autumn 2014


Hokkaido University Sapporo Campus
Oxide Booth #
September 17, 2014-September 20, 2014


[19a-C8-2] More than 10W 532nm generation by PPMgSLT with single pass configuration
Fri. Sep 19, 9:15~9:30

[19a-C8-3] 300mW pulsed 355nm generation by QPM device, PP-LBGO
Fri. Sep 19, 9:30~9:45

[19a-C8-4] Crystal growth and characterization of nonlinear optical crystal YAl3(BO3)4
Fri. Sep 19, 9:45~10:00

[20p-A17-1] Growth of KTN crystals by the raw material supply vertical Bridgman method
Sat. Sep 20,  13:00~13:15

[20p-A17-2] Czochralski growth of ferroelectric LaBGeO5 single crystals for UV-generation
Sat. Sep 20,  13:15~13:30