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Speckle contrast measurement system

Speckle evaluation tool for laser display development

Speckle is the laser interference pattern formed in human eye retina.

Speckle noise markedly hazardous in resolving the image detail in laser displays.

Precisely measuring speckle is the first step for speckle reduction devices development.


 Speckle noise evaluation of laser displays and laser lighting.


  • Laser displays:

          Pico-projector, Large venue projector for cinema theater, Laser TV,

          Automotive head-up display(HUD), etc.

  • Optical components of Laser display:

          Laser  source, Spatial light modulator(SLM), Speckle diffuser, Screen, etc.

  • Laser headlights, Laser lighting, etc.


  • The system simulates the point spread function of the human eye with a CCD camera.
  • The speckle contrast calculable as a quantitative measurement index of speckle noise.
  • The system meets the international standard, IEC 62906-5-2:2016.
  • The system is equipped with a dedicated software developed in-house.
  • High repeatability and dynamic range, thanks to a cooled CCD camera and an original algorithm.
  • Two types of non-uniform background luminance distribution correctable.
  • The speckle average grain size calculable.
  • The SM01VS09 is conveniently portable using a camera tripod for 5kg load.


  • 7th Laser Industry Contribution Award by the Laser Society of Japan in April, 2015.
  • The Director-General’s Prize of 13th New JSPMI Prize by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry in February, 2016.





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