Dr. SPECKLE Model:SM01VS09



(Dedicated software M-Speckle)

Speckle evaluation tool for laser display development

Speckle is the random laser interference pattern formed on human eye retina.

Speckle noise may degrade the image quality of laser displays seriously.

Accurate speckle noise measurement is the first step to develop speckle reduction products.


  • The only measurement system fully compliant with the international   standard, IEC 62906-5-2(measuring method).
  • CCD camera optical system accurately reflects the optical            characteristic of human eye such as the point spread function and its auto correlation function.
  • The speckle contrast calculable as a quantitative measurement index of speckle noise.
  • Light and convenient to carry, portable size and weight.



Speckle measurement

Measurement value

Speckle contrast CS = σ / Ibar

(σ is standard deviation and Ibar is average intensity of captured image)


0.01 ~ 1.00 (Measurement resolution: Significant to two decimal places)

Measurement conditions

Luminous Flux

10 lm (lumens) or over (monochromatic) *Assuming a scanning type laser projector

Observation distance L

300 mm to 1000mm (TBD)

Observed area on screen

13 mm square (L = 300 mm) ~ 40 mm square (L = 1000 mm)

*Imaging area is 300×300 pixels.


Visual light region

Projection image

Light beam with spatial uniform and temporally static image


CCD device

Sony image sensor with external cooling system, 1.4 million pixels (1360×1024)

Imager size

8.8 mm×6.45 mm (pixel size 6.45 μm×6.45 μm)


Electronic shutter

Cooling method

Peltier cooling (Air cooling, 0 degrees C)

A/D Conversion

16-bit (65,536 gradation)



Black & White



Nikon Single focal length lens f 50mm/F1.4


External trigger (Optional)

Synchronous photography by a TTL CMOS 5V falling edge signal

Aperture size

Pinhole diameter: φ0.8 mm, φ1.0 mm, φ1.2 mm, φ1.5 mm (selectable)

Filter wheel (Optional)

Filter type: Red, Green, Blue, ND (OD: 2.0) (selectable)


100W (without computer)

Outer dimensions and weight

Speckle meas. unit

257 (L)×160 (W)×213 (H) mm, 4.8 kg

(5.2kg with the filter wheel control)

Power supply box

248 (L) ×180 (W)×118 (H) mm, 2.3kg


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