Single Crystals for Rechargeable Battery (LiCoO2, LiFePO4, LiMn2O4, Li2MnO3, Li2Co2(MoO4)3 etc.)

 LiCoO2, LiFePO4, LiMn2O4, Li2MnO3, Li2Co2(MoO4)3 etc.

  • Utilizing Flux or FZ method to grow single crystals for cell characteristics analysis.
  • Single crystals are suitable for evaluating each physical property due to no grain boundary existed comparing to ceamics.
  • Customizing crystalline raw material such as positive electrode for Lithium ion and solid electrolyte.
  • Size of LiCoO2 single crystal will be approx. 1~4mm(Width) and 10µm~0.4mm(Thickness)

Please feel free to contact us regarding specialized compositions if you need.



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