Agilent DMM

34420A 7-1/2 digit


Agilent 82357B USB/GPIB I/F
Agilent IO Libraries Sweet S/W
IntuiLink Excel  Logging

Test run
DMM setting
Integration parameter 100PLC
Digital filter parameter MED —->50
Logging interval 20s 12 time faster than plot in the right.
Click dialog box Always use DMM settings

Dark current of S9295 at –20degC, stdv=62mV confirmed

At equivalent 5000PLC, it can be read 4.2 min/reading is optimum in term of noise reduction.

At >100mV range, 50Hz, where 100LPC->0.25read/s, digital filter for 50 reads (MED) corresponds 200s=3.3min>>20s. But in 10mV range, where 17 read/s, the 50 reads corresponds to 50/17=3s <<20s

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