Color cascade


Color cascade, optoelectronic

Chromaticity along the vertical line on the color cascade

Color cascade displayed on an LCTV based on the optical and electronic pixel mapping between the LCTV and the CCD camera of the same resolution

  • Color reproduction area: sRGB (shown as a triangle on the chromaticity diagram)

When a pixel (sequential RGB sub-pixels) on an LCTV is imaged on the corresponding pixel (Bayer’s configuration RGB sub-pixels) on a CCD with optical magnification of one, and the CCD captured RGB electric signal is fed forward to the next frame of LCTV, the difference of sub-pixel structure between LCTV and CCD causes change in color mixing, which drives automatic rotation of color cascade on the LCTV

Since emitted light from LCD passes through the two color filters, that is, one on LC panel, the other on the CCD, each color tends to be saturated as shown in the chromaticity on the diagram.

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