Speckle Standard Diffuser


Speckle standard

Morpho butterfly specimen

Cross sectional view of the standard

Shape: Outer dia 52mm/CA 20mm on diffuser, sealed with glass windows

Application: stable fully developed speckle generation

  • Artificial replacement of Morpho butterfly specimen’s wing
  • The surface roughness of the glass diffuser measured 340nm in rms, while its auto correlation length is 20μm(Sigma Koki, frost glass diffuser #1000)

When you use the standard, what is highly recommended is to use with conic frusta1 for the field view restriction to critically reject its specular light reflection, as well as conic frusta2 for beam dump behind it to absorb its transmitted light.

In specular reflection cut design, aperture1 and 2 stand for those of the conic frusta1.

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Speckle contrast Measurement System