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Kamaka Tenor Ukulele

A postal card directly received from Jake, when I was working at Sony.

Evelyn’s cookies and cat on a wine glass engraved by myself.

The vibration frequency (pitch) of the stretched string on the musical instrument varies as the square root of the tension load on the string. It is interesting to know Galileo’s father V. Galilei, a lutenist, performed an experiment to establish the nonlinear relationship, which could be impressive to young Galileo .

When it comes to Nylon strings such as on the ukulele, it becomes more difficult to tune the pitches because their tension load tend to be lost due to their large irrecoverable strain. As a result, applying more and more tension, one must stretch them out to ensure no more strain, but there should be still some extra margin to their breakdown where the tension load on the strings are set for the pitches.

One of best ukulele player, Mr. Jake Shimabukuro has been selecting a special extra-hard tension string set for guitar on his smaller ukulele since 2000. He should have known empirically their nice nonlinear tensile-stress strain characteristic.

When we visited at Stanford Shopping Center recently, we missed to find there a shop of Crabtree-Evelyn, of which all butter lemon cookie was my favorite. Time flies.

Impressive fact: You will become a professional after accumulate practice time of 5,000 hours, implying it takes you two years at rate of 8 hours practice per day.

New photo was presented by Dr. Scott Chang (left) at Taiwan where he met with Mr. Bruce Shimabukuro (right), a brother of Jake (upper).

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