Resonant tuning forks

Resonant frequency

Eigen values for one-side clamped beam vibration

64mm amplitude at 6.13V drive
1.56V effective


λ 1=1.8751

λ 2=4.6941

λ 3=7.8548


Load:m, mass of tine:M


P.M. Morse & K.U.

Ingard, Theoretical

Acoustics, p-185


Young modulus E(Pa) 20×1010
density ρ(kg/m3) 7.86×103
Tine thickness t(m) 0.003
width b(m) 0.007
length l(m) 0.08165
  I2 1.58×10-11
stiffness s(N/m) 1.74×104
Mass of tine M(kg) 0.0135
  λ1 1.8751
Res freq f(Hz) 70.3
Mass of load m(kg) 0.004
Res freq w load f(Hz) 62







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