PCI 測定装置

米国 Stanford photo-thermal solutions社製

※当社はStanford photo-thermal solutions社のPCI測定装置の正規輸入販売代理店です。


    • AR・HRコート、薄膜
    • レーザ結晶(Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, Ti:Saphire 等)
    • 非線形結晶(KTP,LBO,BBO,LiNbO3, LiTaO3, 分極反転素子 等)
    • コンポジット材料(接合デバイス, 液晶セル 等)
    • 半導体
    • 液体/気体サンプル



Probe laser
Low noise class IIIa He-Ne
Probe wavelength
633 nm
Pump/probe crossing angle
0.1 rad
Pump chopping frequency range
200-800 Hz
Sensitivity to bulk absorption
(minimum absorbed pump power per 1cm length)
1 µW*, CW or average
Sensitivity to surface absorption
(minimum absorbed pump power)
0.1 µW*, CW or average
Transverse resolution in space
60 µm
Longitudinal resolution in space
0.6 mm*
Resolution in time
from 0.01 sec
Precision for relative measurements of absorption
Lock-in amplifier type
Nnumber of photodetectors
* approximate number (depends on the type of tested optical material)