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Oct. 2000 OXIDE is founded by Yasunori Furukawa as the first civil servant managed institution
May. 2001 World’s first successful commercialization of Super LN/LT
Apr. 2002 The Director Award for the 14th Annual Small and Medium-Enterprises New Technology/Product
July. 2003 Technology Award from 32nd Annual Japan Crystal Growth Association Conference
May. 2005 New facilities opened and Head Office transferred to Mukawa, Hokuto city
Nov. 2005 1st Tsukuba Best Entrepreneur Award
Dec. 2005 Optical Devices business started
Apr. 2006 METI “300 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” Award
Aug. 2006 Optical Modules business started
Mar. 2008 2nd factory built
July. 2008 33rd Inoue Harushige Award
Oct. 2008 Granted ISO 9001:2000 / JIS Q 9001:2000 Certification
Nov. 2009 1st Yamanashi Business Grand Prix Award
Oct.2010 Yokohama Branch opened and started DUV Laser business
Nov.2010 Symposium Commemorating 10th Anniversary
Apr.2011 Encouragement Award of the Laser Society Industry Awards
Apr.2012 Kubota Lab and Miyazawa Lab established
Feb.2013 New lineup of 266nm laser products are released
Apr.2013 New lineup of Dr.SPECKLE are released
Mar.2014 METI ” Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100″ Award
About Oxide
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