Optical Device and Module Fabrication Facilities

Optical Device and Module Fabrication Facilities

Fume Hood

Wafer Cleaning, Electrode Peeling

Mask Aligner

Photolithography (Micron-Order Patterning)

Sputtering Equipment(For Deposition)

Thin Metal Deposition

Surface Profiler

Thickness Measurement for Resist Films & Thin Metal Films

Automatic Line Width Measuring Equipment

Measurement of Electrode Width and Duty Cycle of Periodical Polarization

Electric Field Poling System

Manufacture of Periodically-Poled Structures by Applying High Electric Field

Annealing Oven

Removal of Optical Distortion after Periodic Poling Process


Class 1000

Laser Spot Welding Machine


Seam Welding Machine

Providing proactive service on various processes and measurements levaraging equipment portfolio as shown above.

Optical Device Measurement and Evaluation Facilities

Life-time Testing System

Long-term Reliability Testing for Non-Linear Frequency Conversion Devices such as QPM

Characterization System for QPM Waveguide

Characterization of Phase-Matched Wavelength, Conversion Efficiency, and Guided Mode Profile for QPM (PPMgLN) Waveguide

Optical Lossmeter

LossPro™ System by NovaWave Technologies,Inc. / Measurement of Optical device Loss (1064,532,355 nm)

Photo-Thermal Common Path Interferometer

PCI-3 System by Stanford Photo-Thermal Solutions / Evaluation of Laser Absorption of Optical Materials and Wafers