Speckle and Relevant Measurement and Evaluation Facilities

Moving diffuser via Tuning fork for Speckle killer

A moving diffuser via AC electromagnet tuning fork is illuminated by laser light. The picture on the diffuser is sharply imaged on a white screen through a projection lens.
When the diffuser stops, particulate random interfered noise so called speckle is observed.
And moves, the speckle contrast is reduced to the detection limit of the measurement system.

Laser projector / display Spectroradiometer

The measurement of contrast ratio of a laser projector with a stray light eliminating tube of 1m length. This laser rear projector surpasses conventional LCD TV in the contrast ratio.

Integrating sphere

The diameter of this integrating sphere is 30 cm. Equipment such as light source, radiometer and CCD camera can be installed on the ports around the equator. The sensitivity of CCD camera can be measured precisely.

Connected integrating sphere

Connected integrating spheres: One sphere of 30 cm in diameter connected to the other of 20cm with a relevant aperture size. The luminance ratio of two internal spheres corresponds to the ratio of the share diameter to the connecting aperture.

Surface profiler

Surface roughness is measured by mechanical stylus sweeping to obtain the standard deviation and the correlation length of surface structure.

Measurement systems (Agilent Technology)

A DC power supply, a digital multi-meter and a temperature controller.

Machining tools

A wood-tuning lathe, an electric drill, vices and a buzz saw.