DUV Laser Technology

We are committed to our customer’s needs with
unsurpassed output power and reliability.

1W output power from our Frequad-HP boasts more than 4 times the power of any other laser of similar kind from other manufacturers. (As of December, 2012, from available catalogs.) Oxide does not settle there. We strive on new developments on crystals and lasers, to produce even higher power products to meet the demand from the market.

Super High Purity BBO Crystal

bbo-imgThe outstanding quality of Oxide’s BBO crystal makes possible shift free continuous crystal operation of over 3,000 hours. This eliminates wasting time for optical device adjustment. The small crystal deterioration leads to a beam profile with stable long-term operation.


Sophisticated Servo Locking Technology

Voice Coil Motor (VCM), used in the locking of the external resonator, boasts accurate position control, much greater displacement compared to PZT, high frequency response, allowing stable locking.

Servo-Locking-img01 Servo-Locking-img02

Low Power Consumption

The highly efficient wavelength conversion laser system results in an extremely low power consumption of less than 340 watts. Along with the revolutionary system operation the Oxide laser system marks a new milestone in the performance of DPSS Lasers.

Long Life Time by CDA

Optical components used in DUV lasers are subject to deterioration caused by the atmospheric impurity in the presence of DUV light.  Oxide flows Clean Dry Air (CDA) in the resonator unit to extend the workable life of the laser, and to lower the COO.  We also analyze the outgassing components by mass spectroscopy to further extend the reliability of our laser.


Oxide’s lasers were deployed in many different application as the light sources for semiconductor inspection, LCD inspection, interferometric lithography, analyses, and won customer’s satisfaction along with out maintenance services.

Oxide’s laser is designed with the serviceability in mind.  For example, the DUV generation unit of Frequad-HP can be replaced just in 4 hours, minimizing the downtime of customer’s application.  We service the lasers when it is convenient for our customer’s work schedule.

Some units that we receive from our customers for periodic maintenance, show the operation hours of 17,000 hours, which is well beyond the warranty period, proving the reliability of our laser products.  We are very proud to provide dependable lasers and take the reliability as our commitment to our customers.


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