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Q2. Please tell us the product you purchased this time. (Multiple answers allowed)


Optical Device


Q3. When stage did you decide to buy a product?


Q4. Are there any companies that have compared with us/ours?

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Q5. Please tell us what made you decide to use our company. (Multiple answers allowed)


Q6. How satisfied are you with the following characteristics of our product/service?

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Delivery Date

Customer service experience

After purchase service

Q7. How likely are you to recommend to anyone our products to others? Please give possibility from 0% to 100%.

Q8.Do you have some record or plan to present papers using our products?

Q8-a. If you selected "Yes" or "Intend", please tell us the link to the treatise.

Entry field

Q8-b. If you selected "Intend", can you indicate that the product used in the experiment was "made by Oxide"?

Q9. Would you purchase our product again?

Q9-a. If you selected "Definitely" or "Probably", your next purchase will be?

Q9-b. If you selected "Definitely not" or "Probably not", what is the reason?


Q10. Please select a product that you are interested in, including the product you purchased this time. (Multiple answers allowed)


Optical Device




Q10-a. What kind of information or service would you like pertaining to products that you have requested above?


Q11. What do you expect from us in the future?(Multiple answers allowed)

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Q12. Please tell us your opinions and requests.


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