Appeared On YouTube “IRTV interview”

The interview about the acquisition of Israeli Raicol Crystals Ltd. has been released on Youtube.

OXIDE will exhibit the Photonics West 2023, San Francisco, USA.

From January 31 to February 2, 2023, we will exhibit at Photonics West – the largest optics exhibition in the world – held in San Francisco, USA.  
In addition to our various crystals, lasers, and other products for the quantum field, we will also exhibit the quantum cryptography communication products offered by our capital and business partner LQUOM (Japan).
We will also introduce the products of RAICOL CRYSTALS (Israel), which we have announced the acquisition of the company on 13 January 2023. Please feel free to stop by our booth (#3118).
We look forward to seeing you there.


<Photonics West Web Site>
<Floor Plan>
 Our booth #3118 will be located in the Japan Pavilion in Hall EF.

Summary of Non-Consolidated Financial Results for the Three Months Ended May 31, 2022 (Based on Japanese GAAP) has been disclosed.

We have started to publish Summary of Non-Consolidated Financial Results in English from
the first quarter of the year ended February 28, 2023.

Please click the link below for Summary of Non-Consolidated Financial Results for the Three
Months Ended May 31, 2022 (Based on Japanese GAAP).



OXIDE has been featured by “TECHBLITZ”.

OXIDE has been featured by “ TECHBLITZ “ that covers innovation activities of the world’s startups, Japanese companies, and universities around the world.


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Yokohama Office Relocation Notice

We would like to inform that our Yokohama office will be moving to the new location in Yokohama business park as of May 9, 2022.

Click the link below for further information.

Yokohama Office Relocation Notice

Shared Research’s report (English version) is now available.

Our company’s research report(English version) by Shared Research Inc.
( has been released.

Shared Research Inc. (“SRI”) is providing comprehensive corporate analysis reports on listed companies to global investors. This report is a “sponsored research” (we are sponsoring for this research report), however it is based on SRI’s thorough review and analysis from the third party’s point of view. We believe the report may be useful to understand our business structure from medium – to long – term perspective.

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Our article was published in a magazine.

NEDO introduced a variety of startup success stories as a new series called “Spotlight on NEDO Startups.”
For the first session, our CEO, Yasunori Furukawa participated in CROSS TALK along with three startups.

Media:Focus NEDO No.82 “CROSS TALK”


For more details, please refer to the link below

OXIDE Corporation’s response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)-4th report

Oxide extends its condolences to the families of those who have passed away as a result of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) (“COVID-19”), and extends its sympathies to all those who have been infected. Oxide is primarily focused on ensuring the safety of all customers and other stakeholders, as well as its employees and their families, in addition to preventing the further spread of the virus. Oxide is also striving to answer the needs of society and its customers to the best of its ability, and to minimize the impact of the virus on its business. To accomplish these objectives, Oxide is working to gather information and swiftly carry out the necessary actions.

Yokohama office ,where located in the Tokyo metropolitan area, work from home between April 6th and 10th.

OXIDE Corporation’s response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)-3rd report

Regarding the novel coronavirus outbreak, first, we would like to express our sincerest hope that all virus-infected pneumonia patients will recover soon.

The response policy and the principal measures that have been adopted by the OXIDE are as follows:

Our response policy

Subject to the guidelines issued by governments of Japan and other countries, etc., OXIDE puts the highest priority on maintaining the safety and health of all our stakeholders—including our  customers and employees—and is taking measures to prevent the spread of infections. At the same time, we take responsible measures to keep providing our products and services to ensure the continuity of our business.

We will keep gathering information on all fronts and take necessary measures based on our response policy.

* Please note that the measures described above may be revised as the situation changes.