Star Group supporting the technology is called Team OXIDE.
The source of our production quality is engineers who has excellent knowledge and technology and their spirit in their fields.


Crystal Engineering

The need for oxide single crystals as a substrate material is inherent in the numeraous related industrial fields. OXIDE is able to offer crystals with the high optical capabilities demanded by modern devices of the photonics era.
We have contributed to the realization of a number completely new products through contract R&Dservices and joint development projects.

■Crystal growth methods
Performance of crystal development
Evaluation technology
Absorption measurement
Wavelength Conversion Characteristics
X-ray analysis
Measurement of the voltage for Ferroelectric Domain Inversion



Device Process

The patented technology of “periodically poled devices(PPMgSLT)” will allow wavelength conversion in a single pass of QCW laser and CW laser using nonlinear constants of crystals. Fiber lasers are rapidly expanding in the market. Wavelength convertor allow extension to visible and UV efficiently without sacrificing the original beam quality.
According to your requirement, our talented and experienced staff designs the best wavelength convertor for your application.


Laser Engineering / Optical Design

In optics and lasers, in order to maximize the performance of a single crystal of the core product, they must have the best optical design.
Total engineering power including such as peripheral technologies and electronics techno is the most important factor to ensure long term stability and product life of lasers.
Oxide cw high-power deep ultraviolet laser (DUV laser) has been commercialized by our experienced engineers whohave both deep understanding of laser theory and years of laser
Development experiences.
And also we will continue to develop only one product in response to requests from our customers.
DUV laser has been applied to a variety of inspection equipment and machining equipment which are used in the varied industries including semiconductor field Our DUV lasers expected to contribute to the development of many industries.


Measurement Technology

Our mission is to develop measurement methods and to provide evaluation equipment, that have never existed before.  For example, we developed speckle contrast measurement system for laser displays, display evaluation system for special optics such as HUD (Head-Up-Display) and evaluation tools of laser driven fluorescent devices now under development. Specifically speckle contrast measurement system compliant with IEC 62906-5-2 has been accepted as the de facto standard in the laser display industry.
Contact us, for us to meet your requests using our optical measurement technology.