Speckle and Relevant Technology

One of Oxide mission is to accelerate the development of laser display by developing measurement systems and devices for the engineers in this field. (*) The advantages of lasers applied for displays are longer life of product, lower energy consumption, and wider gamut etc. On the other hand, speckle noise can be observed in the picture projected because of high coherence of light source itself, and the image quality can be degraded eventually. Although the history of speckle phenomena research almost goes back to the days when laser was first invented, no practical speckle measurement system has been available. Based on the Professor Kubota’s study on speckle phenomena when he was in Tokyo University, we worked together and launched a world first speckle contrast measurement system in 2011.

Our activity concerning on laser display is carried on at Kubota Laboratory of Oxide. We have an open laboratory room for demonstrating measurements and device performance. We are quite flexible for tailoring measurement systems or devices for customers’ requests and able to consult for new developments. Please contact us.

(*) The applications below are examples:
Mobile projectors embedded in cellars or smart phones
Projectors for business and education
Large venue projectors
Rear/front projector and laser back light LCD for consumer market (Laser TV)
Head mount displays (HUD)
HUD for vehicles
Virtual keyboard
Laser head lamps
Laser phosphor illumination (solid state lightening)

Optical Measurement Systems