Color Speckle Measurement Software

Color Speckle Measurement & Analysis




Operation window of M-Speckle software

We have launched brand-new color speckle measurement technology! Speckle noise of white screen on laser displays can be measured.


  • Compliant with the international standard IEC 62905-5-4(Optical measuring method of color speckle) released in January 2018
  • Optional software of M-Speckle measurement software for Dr. SPECKLE series (Require color filter wheel control option )
  • 3 operation modes of “measurement”, “simulation” and “analysis”
  • Color speckle distribution output on the chromaticity diagram
  • Calculate evaluation metrics (variance/covariance of chromaticity coordinates, photometric speckle contrast) of color speckle distribution
  • Speckle pattern images can be displayed in pseudo-color


Operation mode

  • Measurement mode
    Automatic red / green / blue speckle image capturing with filter wheel control option

  • Simulation mode
    Simulate color speckle distribution from the values of red / green / blue speckle contrast

  • Analysis mode
    Recalculate color speckle distribution by loading saved data of measurement mode


Graph drawing

Two types of diagrams are selectable
*Below are the case of CR = CG = CB = 0.5

CIE 1976 color system (u’, v’) CIE 1931 color system (x , y )







Evaluation metrics of color speckle distribution

  • Covariance μu’v’ , variance σu’2 , σv’2 , and variance in a parallel or perpendicular direction to the line passing the light source point and  the target chromaticity point in the CIE 1976 chromaticity diagram (u’, v’).
  • Photometric speckle contrast Cps = σy/⟨Y⟩ , where Y is the tristimulus value.


Pseudo-color view of speckle pattern image

Each Red / Green / Blue speckle pattern image can be displayed in pseudo-color. Combined RGB image display in pseudo-color is also possible.