Dr. SPECKLE Model: SM01VS11 (Preliminary)

Exposure-time Dependent Speckle Noise Evaluation Tool


  • The SM01VS11 is equipped with Electron Multiplying CCD camera.
  • Up to 20 times enhancement of the sensitivity compared to the current system model SM01VS09 is feasible.
  • The SM01VS11 can measure speckle contrast at the specific exposure time close to human eye response time,
    which is estimated to be approximately 80 ms.
  • A wide range of the exposure time in measurement allows for user to set it almost freely.
  • The software for SM01VS11 is as functional as the software for Dr. SPECKLE series.


  • Speckle noise evaluation of laser displays using temporal-averaging type speckle-reduction device.     








Specification (tentative)

Speckle measurement Measurement value Speckle contrast CS = σ / Ibar
Range 0.01 ~ 1.00
Measurement conditions Luminous Flux 10 lm (lumens) or over (monochromatic)
Wavelength Visual light region
Projection image Light beam with spatial uniform and temporally static image
Camera Image sensor Electron Multiplying CCD image sensor,260 thousand pixels (512×512)
Shutter Electronic shutter
A/D conversion 16-bit (65,536 gradation)
Color Black & White
Exposure time(shutter speed) 0.01~6.5s
Aperture size Pinhole diameter: φ1.2mm
Filter wheel Filter type: Red,Green,Blue,ND(OD:2.0)
Consumption 150 W (without computer)
Outer dimensions and weight Speckle meas. unit 366 (L) ×132 (W)×222 (H) mm, 5.8kg
Control Unit 253 (L) ×215 (W)×154 (H) mm, 4.2kg