What’s EPOCH-Neo?

EPOCH-Neo is a melt growth composite (MGC) consisting of single crystalline Ce:YAG phosphor and Al2O3 (sapphire) which has high thermal conductivity. Two materials are continuously tangled with each other without any organic binder, air space, nor boundary layer. Yellow light emitted from Ce:YAG excited by blue LEDs and LDs is scattered by the boundaries between Ce:YAG and Al2O3 and effectively extracted from the surface of EPOCH-Neo, while heat generated by stokes shift or non-radiative transition is dissipated along Al2O3.


EPOCH-Neo DEVICE consists of EPOCH-Neo and a heat sink, specially designed by the expertise of OXIDE for superior heat dissipation. EPOCH-Neo has been improved by further optimized crystal growth conditions. Thus EPOCH-Neo DEVICE can provide much higher luminance and can accept high power irradiation of a blue LD (B-LD).



Advantages |
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Ultra High Brightness
  • High Durability


Applications |
  • Automobile Headlight
  • Projector
  • Solid state Illumination


Features |


Standard |

Chip size:5×5×0.2mmt
Devices with Heat Sinks:17×17×2mmt (5×5 mm EPOCH-Neo chip included)

Please contact us if you have any other size requests.