FL-PL Series|Green/UV/DUV portable nanosecond pulsed laser


Product Overview

Combination of frequency convertor with 1064nm nanosecond pulsed fiber laser realized 532nm(Green)/355nm(Ultra-violet(UV))/266nm(Deep-UV(DUV)) laser light. OXIDE’s nonlinear optical crystals with high quality and functionality are integrated into the frequency convertors. High repetition rate (50 kHz) and high peak power are suitable for sensing applications such as LiDAR. In addition, optimized optical design without resonators realized simple, high reliability, and lightweight laser units.



Compact (portable)
 Both the fiber laser and the wavelength converter are palm-sized. Furthermore, total weight is less than 1.5kg (3.3lbs)*. (*power supply is not included).

High peak power / High repetition rate
 High conversion efficiency offers >10kW peak pulses at 532nm and >1.5kW at 355/266nm. The pulse repetition rate is 50kHz which is suitable for sensing to improve S/N ratio for measurement.

High reliability
 Maintenance free by OXIDE’s spectacular quality crystals and the high stability fiber lasers. Optimization of nonlinear device and optical design realize compact reliable solution.

Wavelength selectable
 Wavelength converters are compatible design. Customer can select wavelength by exchanging frequency convertor with the same 1064 nm fiber laser.



  • LiDAR 
  • Bioanalysis
  • Virus inactivation
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Aerosol detection



Pulse Repetition rate 50 kHz 50 kHz 50 kHz
Pulse Width ~1 ns ~1 ns ~1 ns
Wavelength 532 nm
(532・1064 nm)
355 nm 266 nm
Output Power (Average) 500 mW
(500・500 mW)
80 – 200 mW 100 mW
Pulse Energy ~ 10 µJ ~1.6 – 4.0 µJ ~2.0 µJ
Peak Power ~ 10 kW ~1.6 – 4.0 kW ~2.0 kW
Beam Quality (M2) <1.4 <1.5 ―(Elliptical)
Polarization Vertical, Linear Vertical, Linear Horizontal, Linear
Power Tunability 20 – 100 % 20 – 100 % 20 – 100 %
Output Type Free space Free space Free space
Dimensions (Fiber laser) 120×27×120 mm
Dimensions (Convertor) 40×40×62 mm 40×40×87 mm
40×40×128 mm
40×40×138 mm
  • Integration for drones and Submarines
  • Underwater LiDAR
  • Integration for drones
  • Aerosol detection
  • Underwater LiDAR
  • Virus inactivation
  • Aerosol detection


※These products are based on results obtained from a project commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.

Technical Documents:
FL-PL Series(ENG) 20230111.pdf