KTN crystals since its birth in 1950s have been well known for its distinctive properties. OXIDE now offers KTN crystals for optical and/or electric applications in practical sizes.


Distinctive properties

  • High dielectric constant :  Equal level to BaTiO31)
  • High refractive index :  2.14-2.33
  • Large EO effect : 
    By Kerr effect, which is proportional to the square of electric field1)
  • High nonlinear optical coefficient: 
    20〜60 times lager than that of quartz (in the case of KNbO3)2)
  •  High electro-mechanical coupling coefficient :
    17 times larger than that of LiTaO3 (in the case of KNbO3)3)
  • High light transmittance:  Nearly 100% @488-3500nm

 Several crystal structures (Cubic, Tetragonal, Orthorhombic, Rhombohedral) are available and with unique properties at the R.T. can be controlled by tuning Ta and Nb ratio.

 Composition and temperature dependence on KTN crystal structure4)


Standard grade

Size (unit: mm):
4.0 x 3.2 x 1.2
5.0 x 5.0 x 1.0
10.0 x 10.0 x 0.5

Phase transition temperature between Cubic and Tetra.
Tc = 10 – 50℃ (composition derived from Tc: x = 0.61 – 0.69)

Other sizes and compositions are also available. Please contact us.


※KTN crystals are produced by NTT Advanced Technology Corp


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