More Reliable Compact All-Solid-State Lithium Secondary Battery


  • Solid electrolyte with the highest lithium ion conductivity
  • Promising to develop a compact all-solid-state lithium secondary battery



  • Solid
    Unlike conventional electrolyte, LLZN is free from liquid leakage.
  • Oxide
    Unlike sulfide electrolyte, LLZN does not generate toxic H2S gas with water.
  • Single Crystal
    Unlike sintered powders, LLZN has no grain boundary on which Li metal electrodeposited, and it causes a short circuit.


Item Specification
Material Li6.5 La3 Zr1.5 Nb0.5 O12
Diameter 5 mm ~ 7 mm φ
Rod length Up to 50 mm
Thickness 1.0 mm, 0.5 mm (as standard)
Surface finished As Sliced (as standard)


Technical Documents: