M-Speckle Measurement Software

Running on Windows

M-Speckle measurement software  version 1.6

  • The M-Speckle is a dedicated software for the speckle contrast measurement system.
  • Two editions of the M-Speckle are available, a standard edition and a premium edition.
  • The premium has some functions shown in the table below in addition to the standard.
  • The M-Speckle has three optional functions which can be added to the standard  or the premium.

Main functions

Edition Functions
Standard  Temperature control of a cooled CCD camera
 CCD camera’s numerical aperture selection
 Speckle contrast measurement
 Quadratic functional averaging correction for quadric background distribution
 Image data: TIFF/JPEG image file and pixel
 numerical data file in CSV format
 Histogram: image file in BMP format and data file in CSV format
Premium  Calculating the Fourier transform image
 Speckle average grain size calculation
 Spatial-frequency filtering correction for periodic background distribution
 Zero point offset correction
 Off-line analysis mode
 Complete raw data file

Optional function

 Filter wheel control
 Capture operation by external trigger input signal
 Multiple measurement areas for simultaneous measuring
 Color speckle measurement

System requirements

OS  Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8.1, 10 (32bit/64bit)
CPU  Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T8100 (2.10GHz) or higher recommended
Memory  2 GB minimum (4 GB or more recommended)
Display resolution  1280×800 ,1366×768 or higher (1600×900 recommended)
Interface  USB 2.0 (at least two ports)
Other  CD-ROM Drive (for measurement software installation)