Mg:SLN Prism


Mg:SLN Prism -Key Device for THz Generation-


  • Easy setup for THz Generation
  • Wide THz bandwidth(0.2~2.5 THz)
  • Low Defect Density
  • High damage threshold



Standard Type1 (Basic)
Size 9x9x9mm3
AR coat @780-820nm and @1025-1065nm
Strandard Type2 (High Power)
Better performances at high average input power due to the residual power dumped outside of the prism.
Size 10x10x12.5mm3
AR coat @780-820nm and @1025-1065nm
Strandard Type3 (Large Aperture)
Size 20x20x20mm3
AR coat @780-820nm and @1025-1065nm


<Application example references.>

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Technical Documents:
MgSLN Prism_ 20210625.pdf