YVO4: Yttrium Vanadate

High quality and low impurity vanadate single crystals by Floating Zone (FZ) technology

 Advantages of YVO4:

  • High concentration of Nd-doped(~5at%) are available
  • Yb-doped, Ho-doped, Tm-doped, Er-doped, Pr-doped, Tb-doped are available from prototype to OEM production
  • mother crystal changes from YVO4 to GdVO4 abd LuVO4
  • No impurities from crucible
  • Large emission cross-section
  • High absorption coefficient
  • Wide absorption line width
  • High thermal conductivity


Nd:YVO4  Nd:GdVO4  Yb:YVO4  Yb:LuVO4  Nd;Cr:YVO4  Tm;Ho:YVO4 etc.