Assistance for Performance Improvement of Existing Equipment/System

Our high-performance crystal materials will help you improve the performance of your existing equipment and system.

Types of Equipment/System (Examples)

  • Semiconductor Inspection, Projector, Laser Processing Equipment, Medical equipment, etc.

Available Technologies

  • Growth Technology for Optical Crystals indroduced from; NIMS, Hitachi Metals, Toshiba, Osaka University, Tohoku University, Shinshu University, Shonan Institute of Technology, Taki Chemical, Mitsui Kinzoku, NEC, NEL, etc.
  • Heat Treatment/Processing Technology introduced from; NIMS, Stanford University, Hitachi Metals, Toshiba, etc.
  • Material Evaluation Technology introduced from; Hitachi Metals, NIMS, Stanford University, Mitsubishi Cable, etc.

Example-CLBO crystal