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List of Our Products to Help Your New Product Development and Product Performance Improvement

Public-Funded R&D Programs, Assistance and Advice / Contract Manufacture by Preferential/Exclusive Arrangement

Public-Funded R&D Programs

We can help you obtain and/or utilize the government research funds, either as an adviser or a joint developer. Based on our experience of more than ten successfully executed publiclly funded programs, including those of METI, NEDO, JST, etc., we can provide you with consulting services for successful application, planning and reporting or join you as a program partner company.

Contract Manufacture by Preferential/Exclusive Arrangement

In addition to Contract R&D, we can offer you Contract Manufacture Scheme for newly developed materials /products /technologies either on Preferential or Exclusive Basis.

And More Tailor-Made Programs

Tailor Made Programs to Meet Your Specific Development Needs

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