Notification : 2013

Updated: YVO4 Crystal

updated for YVO4 crystal

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We have reported PPLBGO for Second Harmonic UV (350nm) Generation at ASSL in paris

Second harmonic UV (350nm) generation was demonstrated by periodically poled LaBGeO5 (PPLBGO) for the first time.

The phase-matching-wavelength agreed fairly well with the calculation from reported Sellmeier’s equation.

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OXIDE was introduced at Degital magagine of Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

OXIDE was introduced at Degital magagine of Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.


updated: the latest information for Exhibition

The latest information of Exhibition has been updated.

We, OXIDE Corporation, will make a booth at the SEMICON JAPAN 2013 in Makuhari, on Dec. 4-6. 

If you come over to participate in this exhibition, please stop by our booth.(5A-402)

We look forward to seeing you at Makuhari Messe.

New Lineup! 3-BAND CW LASER (1064nm,532nm,355nm)

New lineup of 3-BAND CW Laser is released from Oxide.  a new lineup is based on Oxide’s technology and experience as well as the optical crystals of highest quality of our own growth.

We will be introducing it during the upcoming trade show – JASIS 2013 (Sep.4 – 6, 2013) at Makuhari Messe.  

Please check our latest at JASIS 2013, Booth #6A-802.

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Updated: The top of our website has been renewed!

OXIDE is the solution provider for single crystals, QPM devices, Modules, Assemples and Lasers.

We can suppot your ideas by offering you OXIDE’s R&D resources.

Please contact us with any requests or questions you may have.


Updated: Optical Isolator

Optical Isolator with high-performance Faraday Crystal has been updated.

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OXIDE increases the output power from Frequad-M CW DUV laser


 – OXIDE increases the output power from Frequad-M CW DUV laser –

On the first day of the trade show at Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), OXIDE Corp., has announced the new version of Frequad-M with an output power of 1W. 

With its new variation, Frequad-M covers the output powers between 0.3 and 1W, allowing users to utilize 1W of continuous-wave deep ultraviolet output power at 266nm from a cost-conscius package.  Output powers above 1W is still only available with Frequad-HP, which offers up to 2W.

“I am excited to announce this new 1W version of Frequad-M, which we introduced earlier this year with output power of 0.7W.  The operation lifetime is the same, 3000 hours per spot, the highest standard in the industry.  Our engineering team had worked so hard to make this happen, and I feel very proud.” says Yasu Furukawa, the CEO of the company.

Oxide is now accepting orders for 1W version of Frequad-M.


New Lineup of Dr. SPECKLE (Speckle Contrast Measurement System)

New lineup of Dr.Speckle now released. Click here!

Updated: Pin hole / Kubota Labo

Updated: Kubota Labo / Pin hole