Notification : 2014

Updated: Exhibitions

We are going to join “Tokyo Innovation Leaders Summit” on September 24th, 2014 at TORANOMON HILLS.

The latest product: Fiber Out 532nm Laser

“Fiber Out 532nm CW Laser” has been released.

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The latest product : PP-LBGO

Updated: PP-LBGO device for UV applications

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Notice: Shigeo Kubota(Oxide-Kubota Labo) reported in Applied Optics Vol.53

Applied Optics Vol.53,Iss.17 3814-3820

Title: Simulating the human eye in measurements of speckle from laser-based projection displays Author: S. Kubota (Kubota Labo)

Notice: An Oral presentation is scheduled to be made in Laser Display Conference (LDC)14

Tatsuo Fukui in Oxide-Kubota Laboratory is going to speak in Laser Display Conference (LDC)14 held at National Chung Hsing University.

“Speckle Contrast Measurement for Practical Laser Projection System”

Date:6/20 am
Tatsuo Fukui, OXIDE Corporation

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OXIDE introduced in an jornal in Japan

OXIDE introcuced in an jornal as one of a sccessful business venture that started from Tsukuba city.

Updated: Isolator Crystals

Updated: Technical documents for TSAG and YIG are uploaded.

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OXIDE’s article appeared in a newspaper

“OXIDE was selected by The Ministry of Economy as Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100.”

A Japanease newspaper reported on May 5th.

Updated: Ca2Al2SiO7 Crystal (Gehlenite)

Updated: Ca2Al2SiO7 crystal for high temperature sensors

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Updated: Monolithic Fan-out PPMgSLT

New lineup of QPM device: Monolithic Fan-out PPMgSLT

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