Our Laser system
makes a new milestone
in the performance
of DPSS Laser.

Human Resources

In optics and lasers, in order to maximize the performance of a single crystal of the core product, they must have the best optical design.
Total engineering power including such as peripheral technologies and electronics techno is the most important factor to ensure long term stability and product life of lasers.
Oxide cw high-power deep ultraviolet laser (DUV laser) has been commercialized by our experienced engineers whohave both deep understanding of laser theory and years of laser
Development experiences.
And also we will continue to develop only one product in response to requests from our customers.
DUV laser has been applied to a variety of inspection equipment and machining equipment which are used in the varied industries including semiconductor field Our DUV lasers expected to contribute to the development of many industries.

Ph.D. Associate Research Professor of Optical Sciences The University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences Senior Member of OSA
Kubota Lab.Laser Business Chief Research Scientist
Laser Business Group Manager
Laser Business Group Manager
Kubota Lab.Advanced Lasers & Optics Team Senior Researcher
Senior Resercher
Advanced Lasers & Optics Team Engineer